Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taco Shells

Tacos... some like them crunchy, some like them soft. Some like them with fish, steak, chicken... is there anyone that doesn't like some sort of taco? I use to buy the shells that come in the box, you know the ones, it is almost a crap shoot... are you going to get shells or "chips" this time?? Will your taco dinner turn into nachos because someone dropped the box of shells?!?

Then there is the cost
store bought taco shells 2-3 bucks for 12.
store bought corn tortillas 2-3 bucks for about 80 tortillas

More than the cost there is the taste and nothing comes close to a freshly made taco shell!
There is a learning curve but it is very small, and if you give your self about 10 extra min the first time and you will be a pro at the end of dinner and you will know just how crunchy you want yours.

The Cast
corn tortillas
(I use peanut oil because your house doesn't smell like the alley behind your local burger joint when you are done frying. Plus peanut oil has a much higher smoke point.)
deer fryer
(you can do this in a pan but it has to be deep enough to "fold" the shell)

Heat your oil to about 350-375

Slowly drop your tortilla in the oil and when it floats.... (about as long as it takes you to pick up the spatula)

When it is floating like this (above).... put a metal spatula down in the this (below)...

This will take maybe 30-40 seconds for crunchy. Drain your shells (a cooling rack on a cookie sheet works well, you can even shape the softer shells over the rods, just dip the tortilla in the hot oil and when they float remove them and "straddle" them over the rods)
And there you have it, enjoy!

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