Thursday, April 15, 2010

Real Mashed Potatoes

There are somethings you just shouldn't do... boxed mashed potatoes is one of them.. oh I have been guilty at times of falling into the "they are so much faster" pit. But really people, they are potatoes you buy in a BOX! It just isn't right.. not to mention they don't taste anything like a real mashed potato. Now I know there are many kind of mashed potato and I am a fan of most of them.. I like the bacon, cheesy mashed, the roasted garlic and rosemary mashed, the oh you get the idea I like me some mashed potatoes. But there has to be something said for the classic. I have tried so many other peoples mashed potatoes through the years and some of the things people pass off as mashed potatoes.. well they should be ashamed! (And we all know you know who you are! lol)

Here is one thing I must say first.. I am a little.. well.... chubby. I really shouldn't eat mashed potatoes and we don't too often. I have tried the foe mashed potatoes (cauliflower) and they are not too bad but this isn't the time to talk about saving calories. Please, if you are going to use skim milk and fat free/fake butter you are better off using the boxed potatoes. This here is a place for real food people!

potatoes... I am sure some are better than others we use small baking potatoes that you buy in the 10# bag.

peel em, cut them up (they cook faster) and toss them in some cold water and bring them to a boil.

When you can poke your fork through the thickest part it is done...

Put your potatoes in your mixer bowl (you can use a hand masher if that is all you have but they may not be as creamy) with about a ladle full of the potato water

Once you get them pretty much lump free you need to add the secret ingredient.. now if you have a week heart you may want to sit down for this... or if you have a fat phobia... you will also need to sit down for this.. ok you ready....

CREAM BABY!! Yes heavy whipping cream you can use half and half but really people why would you when you can use heavy whipping cream? Please for your sanity sake don't look at the nutrition facts they are not pretty but lets hope these potatoes are a treat and now part of every meal you eat!

Once you have over come heart failure of using real cream then take the real butter and salt and add to taste. These are the most creamy potatoes you will ever put in your mouth. Now get off of your butt and go take a walk gotta start burning off these calories you are gonna take in when you make these!

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