Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soft White Bread

I was talking to a friend the other day that asked if I had a soft bread recipe, I haven't made a soft bread in a while so I had to test a few different ones. I have this book called "The Bread Bible" and this recipe is in there.. it is a long recipe, and luckily I found it posted online so for time sake I am just going to link you to the page and post the pictures from the loaves I made.

This is a good recipe... it may seem a little daunting when you read it but I promise it is very simple. And I skipped the step that tells you to form the loaf, I did not care how pretty it looked as long as it tasted good so after the last rising I just blobbed half in one loaf pan and half in the other and baked it from there. And you will see we ended up with a very nice looking bread and it tasted wonderful!

Make the starter let it sit overnight...

Throw the flour on top and let it sit until the started starts bubbling up into the flour

Mix it until it pulls away from the sides

Plop it in the pan (do not "form it" after it rises again it is in a loaf form without you getting sticky dough and flour all over your table. Now aren't you glad I saved you from that mess! :o)

Cover it and let it rise again

Bake it and brush it with a little melted butter. Now isn't this the prettiest loaf of white bread you have seen in a long time?!?

Now slice it and make sure you have honey to drizzle on this beautiful bread! Enjoy!

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