Friday, June 12, 2009

Roasted Garlic!

OH I love this stuff... I feel like the green eggs and ham guy that follows the other guy trying to get him to eat green eggs and ham.. Yes I would eat this here or there... on a boat or in the air.. I do like roasted garlic it is Divine!! Thank you for introducing it to me friend of mine! :o) Thank you Thank you I will be here all week!

OK now for the golden delight. I use roasted garlic in soups stews sauces dips.... I use it for just about everything and it is GOOD!!

The cast
Olive Oil

This my dear friends is a head of garlic. When you are shopping for garlic you want tight, closed bulbs (heads). Make sure there is no sign of mold or green sprouts growing out of them. Sometimes the paper is loose from them being transported and that is ok just make sure it is tightly closed.
You want to cut the tops off of them, if you have big heads (the garlic not you! :) you can cut them in half but you need to look at how we get the meat out, you can't really cut the little ones in half so just make sure you cut the tops off and expose the cloves inside. Like this... then drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper them. Cover tightly.

Roast at 400 for about an hour or so keep an eye on them ... you don't want them to burn. You want them to turn a beautiful carmel color and you will see some of the cloves trying to get out of the paper, like this.

OK so they are beautiful and golden what now?? Let them cool most of the way, not too cold, they come out easier if they are warm. Then squeeze the meat out (this is why the small ones wouldn't work if you cut them in half... they would fall apart here),

I mash it up with a fork and from here I put a few spoons in little snack size bags and freeze it.
You can use this for so many things. I use it in my tomato sauce, or just toss some noodles with a little butter, roasted garlic, and parm... YUM. A little soft butter and this makes KILLER garlic bread! There are so many other uses I don't have time to list them all... I will try to put some on here later.

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