Friday, March 6, 2009

Pizza Night!!!

I love pizza! I love it the way a teenage boy loves boobs! I think I could eat pizza every day and never get tired of it. But I do not like American pizza, I like a good pizza cooked outside in a wood burning stove with real cheese and fresh toppings... that is the kind of pizza I like, the kind you can find on every corner in Europe and costs pennies to make but for some reason in the states it is "Gourmet"! So it was time for a pizza night the other day and I didn't have time to make dough (I will post a homemade pizza post soon though we really need to have that again soon!) but I didn't want big brand greasy super saucy pizza either so we made our own using store bought flat bread. I know they sell the boboli brand pizza crust but I don't like them either (I know I am picky when it comes to good food) and the flat bread cost less as well and budget friendly is always good!

there isn't a recipe per say here but how many times do we grab fast food on the way home because we don't want to "cook" ?We don't know what we have in the pantry so make? This took no time at all just what ever you like on a pizza I even used a jar sauce (for all but mine I am supper picky about my sauce) and toss it in the oven at 425 for about 8 minutes

Here are some of the toppings we used this day.

Like I stated before I do not like jar sauce it is just too sweet for me. So I started mine with a drizzle of olive oil (not extra virgin I am cooking it!)

Here is my husbands, now that's a pizza!! I think the sauce made his look prettier but...

mine tasted better! LOL

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