Monday, February 22, 2010

Comfort Food at it's BEST!!

What is your comfort food?? Mine is always pasta, could be mac and cheese, lasagna or just a nice hot plate of garlic pasta. But it is always pasta. I seem to have passed that on to my daughter, she lives for Mac and Cheese so some days for dinner we have a big ol' thing of mac and cheese... today is one of those days... here is what we did....

I start with a little bit of butter and olive oil about maybe a teaspoon of each.

Let it melt down then add flour (about equal parts flour to fat)

Let this cook a few minutes, you want it to turn an ever so slight golden. It is hard to see in this pic because of the lighting but it did change color here.

Then you add your milk. Whole milk will work here but we never drink whole milk so I only have skim on hand and if I am going to buy a fattier version I would rather buy heavy whipping cream (not to be confused with whip cream:o) so I usually put skim milk and heavy cream. I know this is a total oxymoron but if you read this blog you know I don't believe in rules when it comes to cooking and I don't believe on spending money on stuff you will not use. We will use the cream we will not use the whole milk. anyway back to the food... add the milk products you are using and let it cook on med until it thickens a little then add your cheese...

what kind of cheese??? Well this is what was on sale when I went to the store so this is what I used.

Toss the sauce with your pasta and set aside. Now you can eat it like this it is yummy and perfectly acceptable.. or you can take it to another place of comfort...

Take a look at the Panko, Parm and Pancetta post for the topping we used on this mac and cheese.

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