Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pork scallopini in a garlic and white wine sauce with couscous

I LOVE finding a good sale! I got two packs of boneless pork chops for less than $3 This was a great budget friendly meal. Lets break it down a little...
Pork $3
1 box couscous $2
1 box Swanson chicken broth$2
OK only $7 I did use a few other things but I always have garlic olive oil and wine laying around so I am not adding it into the cost. Not bad to feed a family of 5!! And it was just DEEELISH!!!

To flatten pork I wrap my cutting board in plastic wrap then lay the pork and cover it with another sheet of plastic this is great for a few reasons, it keeps the meat from falling apart while you are pounding and you just toss the plastic and there is no meat mess to clean up:)

Pound that baby flat!

I thinly sliced about 6 cloves of garlic and fried them SLOW AND LOW until crisp and lightly golden. Remove the garlic and you have your garlic infused oil to cook the meat in.

My cooking station, ready to go chops, pan of seasoned flour (salt pepper and granulated garlic)

You just want them slightly golden like this don't over cook them they are supper thin so they cook fast.

This is the wine I used tonight it a little more than the walmart wine but this is the wine we had with dinner last night so I had some left over. But the wine makes the sauce so even if you have to use the 2 dollar wine it is better than skipping it. By the way I really liked this wine it ran about $12 but it is a nice pinot grigio.

After the meat is cooked add a cup or so of wine and 2 cups of chicken stock and let reduce until you can run a spoon and see the drag line. Then put your pork back into the pan turn off the heat and cover and hold until ready to serve.

I LOVE couscous! If you haven't tried it you should it is a tiny little pasta that cooks in no time you will be amazed to see how it is cooked!!
I like the whole grain it has a great texture and more flavor than the white stuff. See how tiny it is! (pardon the lovely shot of the hand :)
Dump the box into a bowl (I like to use metal for this but glass works too)
Bring 2 cups liquid (I always use a broth, here we used the chicken broth) to a boil
Pour the hot liquid over the couscous give it a little stir and cover with plastic that is it baby! Let her sit for at least 5 minutes and you have it ... I always add a little parm and parsley.

Plate up your scallopini and top with the crispy garlic and fresh parsley. Doesn't that look YUMMY!!?!

Dinner is served! We had a little roasted veg with parm and crusty bread with a little olive oil (extra virgin) to dip the bread in. I tell you what, we ate good! I made this entire meal for 5 for less than you would pay for a plate at your local dive.

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