Friday, February 20, 2009


The other night was my anniversary and I wanted to make my husband a wonderful steak dinner, then I had this idea to make a few shrimp on the side. Ok now I like shrimp, I don't love shrimp but I like them but after having to peel and de-vein them the other day I just don't know how people do it all the time.. it is too much work and quite frankly gross!

They start out kind of cute little guys but then....

you have to take their shells off, this part isn't so bad but then...

you have to take this out.... do you know what this is?? This is what they call de-veining but people, this is a poop line! I know that all the animals we eat poop but I really don't want to be reminded while prepping my food you know!

But I ended up tossing them in some marinade (not even sure if you are suppose to marinade shrimp) and sauteing them and they did taste good in the end.. just hard to get over the whole poop line thing. Thanks to my girlfriend for teaching me to take it out!

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